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I am a digital designer
specialising in user experience
design and brand identity

Brand/Digital Design

A web redesign of a charity that rewards volunteering with live music events

A web redesign of a charity that rewards volunteering with live music events

I help to communicate a brand’s true voice by focusing on what they do
and why they matter. I acheive this by creating emotionally engaging
design work that connects with an audience.

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Project info

Apprentice Nation is a youth organisation thatproduces live branded events for some of the world’s biggest music artists. These events act as a reward for youth volunteer work along with providing career opportunities such as internships at the likes of Google.  

They were in need of a website to cater for their young audience that would inspire and stimulate them into signing up to an ‘Action Day.’ The Action Day would require contributing to social impact and act as an opportunity to get on the career ladder.

Apprentice Nation

User experience design

Art direction

Style guide creation

90% of traffic derived from mobile usage, therefore we needed to tell a story on the first page that would quickly inform and excite the audience. Each section on the home page highlighted what the user would have to do and how they would be rewarded.

They had a bank of incredible imagery and video footage from previous events that needed to be surfaced and categorised more effectively. Previous appearances had included the likes of Lady Gaga, Puff Dady and Snoop Dogg, a major draw particularly for this demographic.

The existing process of signing up required navigating to another site and proved quite frustrating at times. We needed to simplify the steps to sign up for an Action Day and share with your friends. We also needed to surface their career resources and link to the blog.

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