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I am a digital designer
specialising in user experience
design and brand identity

Nick Quinn Design
Creative Director

Brand identity for a premium fashion label steeped in Japanese history

Brand identity for a premium fashion label steeped in Japanese history

I help to communicate a brand’s true voice by focusing on what they do
and why they matter. I acheive this by creating emotionally engaging
design work that connects with an audience.

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Project info

I was approached by a startup fashion label based in Japan in need of a brand identity that truly reflected the brand's ambition and core purpose - 'offering high-end sustainable garments steeped in Japanese history.

High-end fashion gets a bad reputation due to the negative effects it has on our environment, in particular, the use of toxic chemicals and increasing levels of textile waste. Amaud has a unique approach that differs from the norm. The brand sources vintage kimonos and reuses the fabric to create hand-made bespoke luxury garments for the Western market. This approach provided the perfect narrative for a number of different ideas.

Nick Quinn Design

Brand identity design

Packaging design

Brand guidelines

Logo development

Web design

With every project I work on it is fundamental that I gain an understanding where the brand wants to position itself, what is it's core offering and why does it matter. This helps define the brief and align expectations from both sides.

I wanted to focus on the brand's unique approach to production - sourcing vintage fabric and reusing to create bespoke garments. I designed two routes based around this narrative - honouring the fabric's origins and creating a before and after approach.

Route 01 (Honour your history) was preferred. The aim was to fuse asian influence with a bold stylish aesthetic. Rather than place focus on sustainability (this has been done many times before and isn't particularly unique), I wanted to subtly honour the history of each garment - the clothes you wear originate from a previous culture thus making them truly unique.

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