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I am a digital designer
specialising in user experience
design and brand identity

Nick Quinn Design

A website to serve the largest global network of alternative assets experts

A website to serve the largest global network of alternative assets experts

I help to communicate a brand’s true voice by focusing on what they do
and why they matter. I acheive this by creating emotionally engaging
design work that connects with an audience.

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Project info

Preqin Data was going through a restructuring of their content, as their existing site was not servicing it effectively for their user base. I was brought in to help with the redesign of a number of websites that served as part of the Preqin offering.

The main focus was Preqin Insights, a new website that consisted of data-led research, industry trends and reports in the alternative assets industry.

Working closely with the UX team and developer as design lead, we worked in weekly sprints over the course of 6 months in order to meet the deadline.

Nick Quinn Design

UI Design

User experience design

Style guide

Art direction

After deciding what the user goals were I created a taxonomy that would encompass blogs, conferences, reports and publications. A simplified user experience was required from their existing site and then onto visual design concepts.

I was also working on Preqin.com visual design showcasing their core products and more on the company.

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