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I am a digital designer
specialising in user experience
design and brand identity

Nick Quinn Design

Designing a seamless booking experience for a self storage software company

Designing a seamless booking experience for a self storage software company

I help to communicate a brand’s true voice by focusing on what they do
and why they matter. I acheive this by creating emotionally engaging
design work that connects with an audience.

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Project info

Storeganise is an intuitive software solution for companies looking to automate their valet and self-storage booking service. The company was performing well, however they were not satisfied with their booking flow and payment structure. The visual style was also lacking and they needed to reduce the amount of unnecessary calls they were receiving from clients regarding product support.

I worked closely with their team to address the key areas that needed addressing, supplying UX direction and a complete overhaul of their booking software solution.

The deliverables agreed:

Improve overall user journey of booking a unit of self-storage and valet storage.
Removing friction from the payment flow.
Update the management of units.
Design a more own-able visual style that's in keeping with the brand.
Provide a comprehensive pattern library.

Nick Quinn Design


Pattern library

UI Design

UX design

Art direction

As always, once milestones are agreed, the research phase begins. I conducted an audit of their site, a competitor analysis, booking site and payment flow research along with a client questionnaire and UI research. Visual signposting and type hierarchy needed improvements. We also needed to set a clear distinction between the sections of the booking process - from selecting a location and unit size, to customising your choice, and finally, ensuring the payment process was simple to follow.

We went through three rounds of wireframes, testing internally with the team until we moved on to UI design.

Due to the lack of space on mobile, we felt the best solution was to offer a map view button which displayed a variation of the location card in view along with map. With each unit we wanted to provide visual reference, but also a physical reference they could easily associate with.

It made sense to combine the inputting of personal information all on one page. That included the user's details and payment method. I wanted to give positive feedback to the user by including an open and closed state for each card and a green tick for approval.

The valet storage booking flow was similar, but the user was arranging for pickup. We wanted to have a similar booking flow layout, but catering for new elements and screens.

The management section of the app user requirements were to easily manage items ready for collection and the ability to add photographs and tags as a reference for each item.

Throughout the project I working on a style guide and pattern library to help build an ecosystem that the can refer to when building new templates and components.

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